Dr. Christopher Brent Peeke graduated from Loma Linda School Of Dentistry in 2010. After graduation from Loma Linda Dr. Peeke moved and practiced dentistry for five years in Maryland at a large hospital based office where he was able to continue his education and training in the study of implant dentistry and place implants and other type of procedures that restore a patient's esthetics and function better than any removable prosthesis ever could. And this is where he found his passion.

After moving back to California, Brent remembered why he'll never move away again...golf. Unlike in Maryland where he had to take at least 4 months off, here he can play golf year round. And he does! At the office you may notice his golf trophies and awards. Some of them are from local charity events that our office was able to sponsor and Dr. Brent played in. That is something he would like to do more of.